offers graphic image work for companies wishing to outsource the more routinely tasks. Our solution is based on proprietary software to ensure a stable workflow and elimination of the administrative burden normally associated with managing the exchange of pictures.

Our services can be integrated directly into your network, which provides the absolute fastest and easiest approach - and one can monitor the status of each image on our website.

Services: Clippingpath, Layermasking, Raster to vektor
Return: 1, 5 or 24 hours
Same price regardless of the complexity
Software: Free integrated workflow with web-based monitoring

We keep our promises and check regularly that we meet our own goal of beeing the best on the market. Click the links to see the processing time and and prices of our services.

  • Website updated - now in danish
    The website and monitoring applications have been updated and now supports Danish.
  • Upload and download via web interface
    As something new we've developed upload and download functions on the status page. This makes our users able to send and retrieve images directly from their web browsers. This can be beneficial for those with small volumes, and it does not require prior installation and configuration.